I really love ice cream sandwich, actually this is my favorite deserts but my topic here is all about the newest version of the Android operating system, the "Ice Cream Sandwich."

Image From: getandroidstuff.com

According to the international tech site news that many of the Android lover who waiting for the release of Android version 4.0 might be end up for being disappointed.

Why? because Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) have a few new functions in which not every Android mobile is necessarily to get an update, the delay is all about function of variety.

Meaning to say that before the new version of Android OS to be installed, a company's own programmers must have to crack it.

Ralf Gerbershagen, head of Motorola in Germany said, "This breadth of functions separates our products from the competition."

Gerbershagen said, "When there's an update, then the appropriate project team has to take the time to make the new version of Android match, to make sure that everything functions seamlessly."

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