This morning I received an email from one of the developers at LightArrow. He said they very much enjoyed the post in my guest blog 10 Best Apps for Busy Moms. So they introduced me to their app that can help you to organize your busy life.

They said that "Managing a busy household is very demanding. Being able to track and organize all your family's information -- the shopping list of items you need to buy; all the upcoming doctor's appointments; your daughter's soccer game schedule and your son's football schedule; the travel plans for your summer family vacation; links to your favorite scrapbooking blogs; the projects and tasks you have on your to-do list; etc. -- in a ay that is not too burdensome is the trick."

They told me that LifeTopix can help. It is a new kind of productivity app that allows you to 
manage all the important aspects of your family's daily life quickly and easily. It is the first offering to enable you to capture, relate and reuse information seamlessly across several relevant and connected topics, including shopping, events, tasks & projects, travel, health & activity, finances, assets, online documents, education, and media. And built-in social media integration to Facebook and Twitter, along with the ability to share via email and text message, enables collaboration with others and keeps everyone in the family on the same page.

For more info please visit the link below:
App store link:
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Overview video of the product:
Video From: Youtube | LightArrowInc

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