The first released of Facebook 'like' button plugin for Chrome browser that will allows any users to like the page that you're viewing using the Google Chrome browser. You can also share and recommend the page that also shows the total number of likes.
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Facebook Developer said, "when the plugin installed the thumbs-up icon will appear to the top right corner of your Chrome browser. "

In the Facebook Like Button plugin description posted:
"Now you can like, share or recommend web pages, images, videos (html5 only) and audio (html5 only) on Facebook from any site you happen to be on, with the click of a button. "

"Once you've installed the plugin, you'll see a thumbs up icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Liking a page is as easy as clicking on that button, which also displays the total number of likes associated with any website you are viewing. "

"You can also right click on any page to like, share or recommend content from the Facebook Like Button menu. If you choose to share content, you can add a comment and control who sees your post. "

Now all I can say is, "You should try this plugin now and start to like all of your favorite pages." Maybe this Facebook like button plugin come out reason is just to head over the Google +1 button features. What do you think?

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