Apple Inc. has officially released their new beta version of iOS 5 beta 5 for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple intended to release this beta version specially for those developers who have already registered.

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For those who have already installed the iOS 5 beta 4 in your Apple devices, you can now update your devices to iOS 5 beta 5 over your WiFi connection.

The iOS 5 beta 5 have a capacity size of more than 100MB and think that size is not just as easy to download, so be patient.

Meanwhile, Apple detected some developers account that reportedly selling the iOS 5 UDID activitions online so the company decide to terminate that account.

One more thing reminders, if your device has already been jailbroken then sorry to tell you, the iPhone device with iOS 5 beta 4, iOS 5 OTA updates will not work.

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