Beware guys on the Facebook Video Calling application that keep spreading in your friends wall. Because that app could be one of those notorious malware that keep spreading and posting in your Facebook friends wall. The real Facebook Video Calling feature is listed below.

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I listed here the step on how to activate the real Facebook Video Calling. You don't need to give permission to those apps that cater video calling services.

How to Activate Facebook Video Calling
  1. Get ready your Webcam and Microphone that properly connected on your computer.
  2. Log-in to your Facebook Account.
  3. And click this link.
  4. You will notice the green Get Started button, click it.
  5. Facebook will then send you a file (Video Call Set-up) to install on your computer.
  6. Save and Run the file in order to install the Facebook plugin
  7. Wait until it finish the installation.
  8. Facebook Video Calling is now activated on your account.

To use Facebook Video Calling
  1. When activation of Video Calling is done, look for an online Facebook friend who's online and also activated the feature.
  2. Try to call it by clicking on his name on the Chat bar then clicking the small
    Video Call button.

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