This Dead Island game trailer, titled Part 1: Tragedy Hits Paradise will be followed by a companion trailer debuting at E3. Part 1 provides the very first look at in-game footage along with some context to set the scenario for what happens when Banoi is turned from a gorgeous island paradise into Hell on Earth.

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The clip offers a glimpse of the island paradise of Banoi, once a carefree resort, now home to a population of shuffling, infected ex-holidaymakers.
Deserted streets are littered with abandoned cars, while zombies menace the streets and seafront.

More details about the game are expected to emerge during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, June 7-9, along with a new trailer.
Currently expected in August or September 2011, Dead Island's emphasis on melee combat may well set it apart from Left 4 Dead 2,Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare, or Call of Duty's zombies mode.

Even so, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is also heading for fall 2011 and could provide serious competition with its DIY approach to assembling an armory suitable for fending off the undead hordes.
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