There's no yet exact date for releasing of the white iPhone 4 but it may finally be hitting store shelves in a couple of weeks. After a 10-month delay, Apple will begin selling a light-colored model of the popular smartphone in the next few weeks, according to a Bloomberg story.

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek is quoting three unnamed sources "with knowledge of the plans" who say the long-delayed white phone will go on sale in the next few weeks.

Apple originally said it would release the white phones last spring. But after a string of delays, everyone is still waiting.

The black iPhone 4 was released last June. And last June, Apple delayed the release of the white version of the phone because of an unspecified productions problem, according to Bloomberg.

Moreover this year, Apple has made it clear that the June conference will focus on new software. Insiders say it would be a major surprise if anything is announced about a new phone. iPhone 5? What do you think?

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