Are you searching for the GSIS phone number? or you require an update on your GSIS contributions, records, and loans? You are now able to contact the GSIS Hotline. The Commonwealth Act No. 186 was passed on November 14, 1936, establishing the GSIS as a social insurance institution. To ensure the future of all government employees in the Philippines. Find out how following this hiatus

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) provides and manages a pension fund that includes the following social security benefits: mandatory life insurance, optional life insurance, retirement benefits, disability benefits for work-related incidents, and funeral benefits.

Members of the GSIS are eligible for a variety of social security benefits, including life insurance benefits, retirement or separation benefits, and disability benefits.

In accordance with RA 656 (Property Insurance Law), GSIS is also responsible for administering the General Insurance Fund. It provides insurance coverage for government properties and assets with insurable government interests.

Government Service Insurance System
Financial Center
Pasay City
Metro Manila
 (02) 847-4747
Toll Free 1-800-10-847-4747 (PLDT Lines)
1-800-8-84747 (Globe Lines).;

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