Sky Cable Corporation, which is owned by Lopez, has introduced a new device that allows users to record their beloved shows for later viewing, whether they are presently broadcasting or are scheduled to air on a specific date. In the United States, this device is comparable to the TiVO personal video recorder (PVR).

The iRecord
, an enhanced version of the company's DigiBox, allows Sky Cable subscribers to record their favorite drama series or movie for later viewing. This is really a good news to all Sky Cable subscribers.

This device is first in the Philippines, the slim device also lets them record 2 shows simultaneously while watching a third channel, as shown by company officials during the launch.

The iRecord is initially available to Sky Cable's postpaid subscribers in Metro Manila for P399 per month on top of their monthly bill.

A refundable deposit of P4,999 is also required to avail of the said device.

Take note of this, it can only record up to 320 gigabytes of video, equal to 125 hours of standard definition (SD) programs or up to 86 hours of high-definition (HD) shows.

And sorry guys! To avoid piracy, Sky Cable made sure that videos stored in the iRecord may only be viewed using the device.

For more information about Sky Cable's DigiBox iRecord, call +632 631-0000 or log on to

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