Facebook revealed that they blocking around 20,000 underage users per day, according to its chief privacy adviser, Mozelle Thompson. He admitted that the site's way of weeding out those who don't meet the 13-and-up age requirement.

Image From: zdnet.com
Study found that nearly half of all U.S. 12-year-old use social networking sites and privacy concerns in regard to Facebook's younger members have been growing of late.

Under Facebook's policy, 13 million users under the age of 18 may be allowed to share their personal information just like adult users," according to Franken wrote. But Franken's figures don't factor in the unknown number of Facebook users under 13.

Other popular site who also required their user to be at least 13-years old like Myspace. While disney.com they allow kids whose under 12-years old to surf their website and collect information from the users.

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