I really want to be a billionaire, hahaha, but it's true, I really want to be a billionaire like "Mark Zuckerberg," the Facebook creator who just unveiled his new passion, a gorgeous dog.

Mark's Dog FB Account

Mark and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, have established a Facebook account for their new pet, which they have named "Beast." In the same manner as what my other friends did to their adorable little puppy.

Born on the 10th of January in Grants Pass, Oregon, the Beast According to the profile, Beast is a Puli, which is a kind of Hungarian sheepdog, and he is "extremely cute."

In other news, their dog "just learned how to climb stairs," according to their most recent status update. I really am the best there is."

Zuckerberg and Chan also posted a series of pictures of Beast on the page at facebook.com/beast.the.dog, I "Like" it already.


  1. hehehe gusto ko din mag-puppy ng ganyan hehehe

  2. wow! cool pati pet niya meron fb na rin.. maiadd nga ^_^ hehe


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