Yes! yes! yes! iPad 2 come to papa! I'm very much thankful because Steve Job unveils the new version of iPad and I really like it. "So what's new?" said Jobs, who appeared at the event to a standing ovation. "It's an all-new design."

Jobs said the new iPad will have the same price structure as the current one -- ranging from $499 to $829, WiFi and WiFi+3G.

Image From : CNN
Here's are some keynote for the new version of iPad
  • iPad 2 will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor, down to 1.3 pounds from 1.5.
  • It will have front and rear-facing cameras designed for video chatting. 
  • With an HDMI accessory, the iPad can be connected to a television and mirror what's on the tablet's screen. You can even charge the iPad while you're using it.
  • Unlike Apple's popular iPhone 4, it will be available in white as well as black. Also unlike the new iPhone, the iPad 2 won't have a high-resolution screen, which Apple calls a Retina Display.
  • It will have the same battery life as the current iPad, 10 hours.
  • A new operating system, iOS 4.3, will roll out the same day as the iPad 2. Jobs said the system will let iPhone 4 users create Wi-Fi hotspots to share wireless internet with other gadgets.
  • Like the iPhone, the iPad 2 will include a gyroscope, a feature that will enhance gaming options. Changes to the processor that powers the device could also dramatically propel the iPad as a game-playing device.
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  1. It's lighter and thinner, plus it could be connected to LCD/LED TV's via HDMI port! And, it comes with the latest iOS 4.3, Very promising! =)


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