Let me tell you this, Valentines Day is not only for lovers but this is also for the people who choose to celebrate with their family and friends. Don't be sad if your single or not yet having any relationship, you can still find someone who will fulfill your dreams from having someone beside you.

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Like what I stated above, your family is one of the reason why you should not be sad if you're brokenhearted. They we'll never leave you alone for sure. Your Family loves you so much so don't be so lonely.

And If you're far from your family, I'm sure you have a lot of friends that would support you in times of sadness. But always remember, true friend never lead you to danger. Pick a friend that can give you good happiness in life.

Brokenhearted doesn't mean that this is the end of the world. There's always a better day ahead. Be positive and leave those negative things behind. Go forward and make a decision that you'll never be brokenhearted again.

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