According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple's production partners are already hard at work on the new model of iPad which is iPad 2,

The fact that Apple is working on an iPad 2, of course, is common knowledge. The famously tight-lipped company rarely talks about upcoming product launches, and isn't talking now. But Apple has never denied that it intends to follow up on one of its most successful products.

Recently, I found the site showing the leaked photos of iPad 2 and they give 3 new features of the new iPad. Here's below the images of the leaked iPad 2.

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  1. iPad 2 ditches the rather impractical curved back of its predecessor in favor of a flat rear similar to that of iPod Touch 4G.
  2. iPad 2 will have a sizable loud speaker covered in metal mesh at the back of the iDevice.
  3. iPad 2 will have two cameras; One in front and another one at the back.

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