This is the first Filipino environmental awareness apps, "Alter Space," The first Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. Your second chance to build a new world, a new life. Only this time, be mindful of the choices you make because every small choice you make creates a bigger impact in your planet.

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Game Hint

Alter Space is easy to use. To complete the game, you’ll have to build a network with your friends' planets so you can eventually turn the grid greener with responsible, sustainable and renewable power.

Alter Space game is powered by AboitizPower. This is the company that develops and offers effective energy solutions to meet the Philippines’ energy demand and build commitment to sustain Earth’s resources.

So watch out guys! I'm sure you gonna love this game like I do. I can't wait to play this game. Start to 'Like' this Alter Space Facebook page for your latest updates.


  1. Like mo na rin kapatid! Proud to be Pinoy!

  2. Hello this is Jason Tomas of Chris Cahilig Consultancy - PR representative of Aboitiz and Alter Space.

    The original title of the article is "New Filipino-made Facebook game to educate public on how to reduce their carbon footprint"

    Erratum: ---- > Alter Space is the first Filipino Facebook game with an "Environmental Awareness Advocacy."

    The full article will be sent via e-mail - Ty


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