Get ready guys, here comes the Firefox 4, the Firefox 4 is on the way. According to PCWorld article that the next version of the second most popular browser worldwide is "nearly ready for release" and should be available starting February.

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Mozilla's senior director Damon Sicore wrote on a developer mailing list that "Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass," but that, until the launch "we need *everyone* to help in testing."

Mozilla had planned to ship the latest version of its popular browser by November, 2010, but too many bugs remained to release a final candidate. According to Sicore, Flash, Silverlight and "other major plug-ins" were continuing to cause problems, with users "affected by hardware acceleration causing crashes or other issues."

According to PCWorld, Sicore said that "about 160 'hard blockers'or significant bugs remain in the project."

But if you want to help Firefox, you can take part in beta testing the product by downloading the latest version and report any bugs you come across.


  1. ayus yan kuya csseyah! ka abang abang ang bagong version nyan ^_^ dumaan lang po ako kuya csseyah ^_^ God bless po!


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