Oh yes! Yum Yum! I want to buy this Chocolate Mango Mousse by Red Ribbon. Actually I'm planning to include this red ribbon cake to our Noche Buena menu together with ham, queso de bola, ice cream and many more. I can't wait this happen guys, so I'm gonna buy this later.

Red Ribbon combines two of the most loved dessert ingredients to create one delightful cake. It is made with a layer of creamy mango mouse with juicy mango bits on top of silky chocolate mousse and moist chocolate pound cake and generously embraced with chocolate ganache. As a finale, mango scoops and shaved chocolate are placed on top to make Chocolate Mango Mousse both delicious and beautiful.

This Chocolate Mango Mousse is a limited edition premium cake created by Red Ribbon Bakeshop just to make parties, get-togethers, and reunions even sweeter.


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhh Gutom na ako!!!

  2. Wow!!Red Ribbon is one of the famous bake shop here in he Philippines,I assure the quality and delicious taste of their product........I like it.


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