It is an incredible feeling to know that you have assisted other individuals without expecting anything in return. Pero sana naman huwag abusuhin ng iba ang libreng tulong na nakakamtan nila. The FREE UNLOCK USB HUAWEI MODEM service is now available on this website.

Instruction of how to ask the Unlock Code:

  1. Type the IMEI No. 353**************** in the Comment Box below.
  2. Then type the Model of your Huawei Modem
  3. Sorry to tell to those who have WM66A Modem, this is Not Supported.
  4. Then use the NAME/URL in the comment as: , And Not Anonymous.
    If you don't have any website, you can put your email address.
  5. Failed to follow this instruction, your request will be ignore
  6. Thank you.

Please do understand, I'm not always online so expect that your request is not answerable on time but it can be answer later when I get online.


I'm so sorry for being idle here. But don't worry guys! I made this new post about, "How to Unlock USB Modem." In that post you can now download and use it at your own risk the software that I'm using.

So use it wisely and carefully. Thank you so much.. But Don't worry if you still want to ask for the unlock code here, just type it to my comment box below, and I will try my best to answer it.