Are you looking for an easy Halloween costume ideas? If you haven't started on your funny costume yet, you've come to the right page. You can be look funny, clever and great even if you don't have much preparation time.
Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

The easy halloween costume ideas and DIY funny costumes will give you knowlegde on how to create your own costume without spending the big bucks for a boring store-bought one.

Although, DIY halloween costume is easy to do but don't forget this "the better it will come off, the funnier it will be".

Here are the ideas for easy halloween costumes.
  • Pirate Attire
  • Zombie Face
  • Plague Victim
  • Misshapen Clone
  • Scary Mask 
  • iPhone Dress
  • Shadow Man
  • Candycrush Game
  • Google Maps\
  • Android Phone
  • Coloring Book
You can do a misshapen clone by drawing on a few extra eyes, or as a victim of the plague by drawing a few pox on your face. Or, try one of the most funny makeup-only Halloween costumes: Zombie!

There are many ideas out there, just simply type on your browser the keyword "Halloween Costume" and the results will pop up on your screen at no time.

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