Be inspired on this fantastic master piece of Lulu Manesce entitled, "Inspired Madness". It is a love letter for her love of her life. She want to share it with you so you could be amazed on this love letter.

 As my true feeling now, my life is incomplete without my loving partner by my side. Nothing to be worry, nothing to fear because she always making me so sure that she never leave me alone.

Even when there's a booming noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning, my love please hold me tight and don't release from me. Because I will never let you go even the thunders keep roaring.

After this noise, the sun will shine and we can continue our path for the wonders our both lives. No more sadness and no more pain, because I deeply inspired madly for the love you have for me.

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By Lulu Manesce