You probably not! maybe yes. In a relationship, Men is the one whose gonna make move to find someone who is right for him. And the only need to do of a woman is to wait for someone she love to become her partner.

In a relationship you need a constant communication to your partner and don't tell a lie if you want to have a good relationship to your partner, right? You need to give an extra effort in order to give what he/she needs from you. And don't be so greedy to share your attention, because in a relationship you must learn how to give and take.

In a relationship you must be a shoulder to cry on; lots of girls love hugs. Hugs are a great way to show affection. If you're there for her when she's down, it works wonders.

And if you want to avoid argue, Don't forget anniversaries! This can be killer! Flowers are great, jewelry is great, chocolate is great. For big ones, you know, one year, two years, go for a handwritten poem. Frame it, that works really well.

One more thing guys! Avoid negative comments or comments based directly on her physique. Not only are you directing an interest to an area best left discovered later in a relationship, you could come off as shallow, or just plain make her uncomfortable.

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