The other night someone asked me what are the thing's I wanted in life. The question stunt me for a few seconds. I think and think by then I cried.

I'm a very emotional person for those people who knew me. Never been afraid of letting people see tears fall down my feet. But now there's only one person who could make me cry. The one I "Want" to share everything for the rest of my life.

He knew every single thing about me. He knew how to make me laugh when I'm depress. He knew how to make me smile when I'm sad. He knew how to make me giggle when I cry. He knew how to comfort me when I'm down. But he never knew what really hurts me so much.

It hurts because he never knew that I want him here by my side. It hurt's cause he never knew how I love to hug him so tight. It hurt's cause he never knew how I want to kiss him every night. It hurt's cause he never knew how I really want him here in my life.

I want to be his wife. I want to cook every single dish he eats. I want to wash his clothes. Make his coffee myself. Chat with him before we sleep. Play with him whenever his not busy. Wanted to do every thing with him. Pray with him, dream with him.

I wanted to look at his sleeping face whenever I wake up first in the morning. I wanted to see his smile while greeting me "Good Morning". I wanted him to bid me a kiss before leaving for work and another kiss when he come's home.

All I want is to be with him in one roof. A house of ours where we can do whatever we want. Do anything we please. Again, I cried know why? Because he never knew. He never knew that I want those things. He never knew that those are the want's his asking. He never knew cause I never have told him. I never have told him. Then again, I cried.

By: Erika Alvarado


  1. Don't worry maybe He already knew and He already have a plan.

  2. by the way guys! Erika Alvarado is my Girlfriend and she helping me to post some article here. I love you my lulu


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