Dump is a word that means throw away as refuse.

That’s the reason why I hate being dump. I personally experience being dumped, by my friends and best friend. But what hurts me more is being dump by my “own parents”.

I bet many of us experience the same way. How? Through discouragement and unfair treatment by our parents. The like of, asking their opinion and support in our decisions but gain nothing.

Jealousy is one of the other reason why I feel being dump. As for me a 2nd child in a family, I never experience especial treatment from my parents like the way they treat the eldest and the youngest. They give both understanding and support that they have never did to me. They acknowledge every little thing they do, unlike me, they just knew but never have said a thing about what I do. I feel I’ve been punch 20x and more. It hurts like hell.

Favoritism is another thing. As for my parents they treat me as if I never have been born. They never treat me the same way as my siblings. They do always torturing me through sermons though I never done wrong.They didn’t let me feel their love. They didn’t even trust me. I never felt that I belong. I even thought that I wasn’t their child.

Its so unfair.

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