How about you? are you single? I hope so!.

There's nothing wrong if your not anymore single and even your single, you don't have to be shy to say yes, because that might be your lucky day to find your love of your life.

Being single doesn't mean you're not acceptable to your surrounding. The word single is reflecting to your personality whether your available or not looking for someone.

SinglesIf you're young and your single, don't waste your time looking for someone specially if you're a girl, because no one knows maybe there's a lot of opportunity might come to you. I believe and I'm proud to be a Filipino, because most Filipina teens here, family is the first priority and last is relationship.

And if you're old enough and your single, don't be in a hurry finding for someone to love. Just pray and believe that God have a right guy for you. It's easy to say ah! because I'm not in your situation but I can say this because I agree with this saying, " No man is in island ".

But if you think why there's so many old maid here just because they want it. They decided to be alone or to be single forever. It's your choice my friend, are you single?


  1. i'm single yet not available.


    would that be alright? ;p


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