Are you a registered voter? this is your chance, another chance, or should I say one more chance to prove yourself that you are a Good Filipino citizen of our country. Help Juan Dela Cruz to lift himself up from the ground where he fell of.

This is our chance to choose right, to vote wisely and to exempt or exclude ourselves to those insincere promotions of "EVER ELECTION SWEETNESS CANDIDACY" from those sweet lips of the politician candidates.

One more chance to love our country (Philippines) and vote to fight the Truth and depriving ourselves from MISCHIEF.

One more chance to elect the true good leader that will give us a real genuine governance, that will change the current state of our beloved country.

So Filipinos let's start this so-called CHANGE within us by voting and electing the candidate we deserve to have as a Leader.

It is still POSSIBLE, just believe and have FAITH, hoping that we all do.

By Lulu Manesce