I love music. It's true, it carries my sentiment's. If I'm bored I play rock. If I'm alone I play love songs. I even dance with it whenever I feel happy.

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Music can play whatever mood you have. If you're sad, bored, stress, lonely or happy, music let those emotion's expose. Listening to it makes my heart calm. Singing with it make's me stable. Music's has been my savior whenever I feel helpless. For just one song I'm relieve.

Relaxation is the number one definition of music for me. A stabilizer whenever I breakdown. It throw's my mega-emotions away.

That enjoyment not only occurs while studying. Because I also enjoy working, dreaming and cooking while listening to music. Music make's all task's exciting. That's why for me living without music is unbearable.

Music is everything right? I bet I'm not the only one who feel's music in that way. I may be exaggerated when I said it's everything but mind me, music really is my everything. SO again..

I say.. " I love Music ".


  1. Same here, friend.. I love music, too..

    any genre will do.. :)


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