I am a credit card holder and my wallet bulk by many cards and not a cash. There are many ways on how to spend wisely using the credit card. Please scroll this page for more details.

How to Spend Wisely using your Credit Card.

On this topic, we will be guided about spending wisely using any credit card. The truth, credit card is very useful and very handy, because we don't need to put cash in our wallet, but as a cardholder I usually get into financially challenging all the times.

Everyday those credit card companies are offering innovative products or promotion that you'll really tempted to grab their zero interest rate, that's why my mind crazy, whether I do buy using it.

As my experience with this, here's what you need to consider before you decide to buy things using your credit card.

A. Know your credit card available balances and your credit card limits. In order to avoid the instance of being disappoint if you find out the product you wish to buy have much higher price than to your credit card limit.

B. Always look for the original price of the product then divide it on how many months you wish to pay. Because in this situation you can find out if the product have really zero interest rate and also if you really can pay it monthly.

C. Avoid being late from paying your credit card debt. Because those credit card companies are so eager to put 3.5% interest finance charges and late charges in every late payment you transact.

D. Be sure to your available cash payment. The most important thing you must never forget before you try to spend using your credit card.

That's all for now guys. Spend wisely this holiday so it won't break your heart in the next billing statements.
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