I'm here again telling you this kind of money making online through this affiliate programs. There are many affiliate programs online nowadays. And because to that many of us specially Filipino get interested on how to earn money online. Aside from its very easy to join, you only have to wait it to earn.

But let me tell you something of some affiliate programs that I listed below here:

Ximmy - Get Paid To Socialize, another get paid to program online which offers you to make money for free just for participating on their online group. Ximmy is a social networking review site that pays you to share and review news, videos, pictures, and websites on the world wide web. The concept is as simple as A-B-C. First is to sign-up for free, participate by submitting news and commenting for other's stories to earn points, reach their minimum points for you to cash out, and last wait for your earnings to reach your account.

On each news you submit, you earn 1 point and 1 point if you comment on each news submitted by other members. If your article read the homepage, it means it was popular, you receive 15 points. Here's the earning equivalent bracket:

1,000 points = $10
1,800 points = $20
3,200 points = $40
6,000 points = $80
12,000 points = $160
20,000 points = $300

Payments are processed through Paypal and minimum payout is $25.00. They also have an affiliate program wherein if you sign-up now, you will instantly receive an $5.00 sign-up bonus.


MoreNiche Affiliate Program, an affiliate program that can make you earn as much as $175 per sale. Must joined they sent payments through check. Just sign up as one of their affiliate and start promoting their products online and you would be paid as much as $175 per sale!

Make You RicherMoreNiche™ contains a collection of highly desirable products which you can easily sell online. For every sale that you make, we will pay you up to $175. They will provide you with everything you need to make the sales including marketing tools, free websites and 1on1 support. You will be sending your visitors to the through specially encoded links that guarantee that no matter where the visitor goes YOU will be credited for any sales.

Refer up to 5 friends and get $20 per friend. You will make 20$ bonus on their first plus 5% on all other sales they will refer to MoreNiche, for life. Interesting isn't it? Interested to join?


Smart Text Link Ads, an affiliate program that pays you as you post advertiser's links on your blog. Joining Text Link Ads will lead you in making an easy money online by selling your link ad spots on your blog or website. With the help of their service you can easily sell text based advertisement links on your site sidebar and pages.

How you can earn money through Text Link Ads?
Earning from Text Link Ads is so easy, first, sign-up as one of their publishers or get a publisher account. Wait for your blog or website to be approved. When Text Link Ads approved your blog or website was approved, choose ads to be displayed on your blog or website.

Text Link Ads payments are sent out on the 1st of every month and by PayPal or check. The minimum payment to be sent out via check is $25. There is no minimum for PayPal payments.


Matched.co.uk, an affiliate program that differ from others. Why? This affiliate program pays you on monthly basis just by displaying their advertiser's ads. Unlike from others that pays you through CPC and CPM, this affiliate program pays you every month! How? Just sign up as a publisher here, submit your website, wait for the allocation of ads for your website, display their ads for a month, and earn money!!!

How much you would earn?

For each ad you placed on your blog or website, you would be paid £3 monthly . Aside from that, there's a sign up bonus of £5 if your blog was approved and has placed the affiliate's ad on your blog or website.


Shopping Ads.com, an affiliate progam that makes you earn money by displaying their prodcuts on your blog or website. They currently offers two payout system, CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), depending on your site's location, traffic, and content.
Their Standard Publishers earn revenue on a CPA basis; you are paid for any signups or purchases following clicks on your ads. Premium Publishers, a status reserved for high traffic, US and Canadian based websites, earn revenue for every valid click (CPC) from all US and Canadian traffic, and for every action (CPA) from all other traffic.

They send out payments the fourth of every month via PayPal. The payment is for all revenue generated the previous month. Minimum payout of $50, sign up and have $25 on your account. Gain $25 and you'll reach their payout.

So guys! I hope you enjoy checking this listed affiliate programs I've done for you. And I hope you pick some one of those and try their services for your own online money making business. Happy blogging guys...

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