I have this dream. A very wonderful dream. But that dream vanishes to nowhere, whenever I open my eyes after sleeping.

A family of four, to start my dream. Me, my soon to be husband and two healthy babies. We are a family, a beautiful family with pure happiness. It's so wonderful that I even think being lucky. I have a perfect man as a husband, cute little infants playing and cuddling around me, what more can I wish? Nothing.

In that dream, I play a role of a wife and a mother. I cook, I clean a not so big but beautiful house, I wash
clothes, and many more task, a typical housewife does. I do every task I mentioned awhile ago everyday.
At night me and my husband chat a lot of thing's we've made. We play together with our cute little babies and read them both fairytale stories as they sleep.

It was so perfect, until I woke up and start scratching my eyes. I felt sad, I thought it was real. Was it really
just a dream. Can't that dream pop out my mind so that it can be real. Can I Just start dreaming again and hope that I won't woke up, in that way I'll be in my dream forever.

Funny but wishing thing's wouldn't make my dreams come true. I guess, I just have to wait until I can make my own family. I have to live in reality and live the reat to our GOD for he owns whatever faith I have in life.
I have to keep dreaming at least now I have something to hold on while keeping my life playing.

By Lulu Mintscreen

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