Like any other blogger does, Filipino bloggers are also smart and considerably fast learners. Most of them gain the blogging knowledge through self-study, which is also the main key of their success. SEO tips and tutorials on how to make blogs become more interesting and easy to find by readers and viewers, specially for beginners (blogger) - this is what my topic is all about.

So how does a Filipino blogger make money online? well! first thing to consider is to have a good internet connection at your home, office or any hang-out place. Then you'll need a blog, a site that will hold your interesting post or article containing original information's about news, health tips, entertainment, tutorials or anything you think that people will get interested too.

Most important of all is to get an advertiser, because they are the one who will complete your recipe called 'make money online'. They will be your benefactors that will give you literal money as payment for your good publishing. This advertisers are seen in your blogs through ad links and banners, that's it!

And how you gonna get that money? Well every advertiser company have many ways of giving their payment. They can used Paypal, Western Union, XOOM and many more.

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  1. I used Google Adsense as my Advertiser. When your earning get $100 they will send it to you using western union if you choose that service, They have also Check and they will send it to via mail.

  2. wow this is a shortcut tips ah.. hehehe

  3. nyc.. you should post more tips...
    more info, ok!

  4. I'll my best to give more tips on how to make money online Thanks @ Euri

  5. I use google analytics for market research number of visit to site..




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