The year before, I attended UP Diliman for the "CSS/XHTML" session that lasted for two days. During that time, I didn't have a lot of experience with web design, but my boss nevertheless decided to sign me up for one of the available spots in that seminar.

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Back to my topic, What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility simply means the practice of making your website accessible to anyone using the world wide web (internet).

How do I know this? its simple, the web accessibility is included in the topic on my 2 Days seminar.

But why we need to know the web accessibility? maybe you wonder why we need to know this, thou we can easily access the internet, Right?

I think you forgot the reality, The fact is even those people with a physical disabilities they do access internet, Yes! They can.

How do they access your website? There are many ways by which technologies called "assistive devices", which greatly assist access to web content.

This are the following example of that technology;

1. Speech recognition software
2. Screen magnification software
3. Keyboard overlays
4. Screen reader software
5. Translation software
6. Braile Printers

These specialized assistive technologies call for websites that accommodate the particular requirements they have. Please visit "PWAG" (Philippine Web Accessibility Group) for any more information you may need.

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