Anyone in this world has only one life. A life that only you can decide and choose whatever you want to do. No one could ever change your decision except you. Our life is very vulnerable if you define it as a thing, or if you won't handle it consistently and properly. It might broke into pieces like a glass.


Only you alone can define your life, whether you choose to be a good man or a bad person, dreaming high to achieve your goal or stay stagnant in your current situation.

Truly, we only have one life with body and soul. It's up to you if we'll going to use it as what GOD want's us to be. Decisions are made by no one but the holder itself.

Destiny truly goes not by time but through the one who make's it. You make and decide your future through actions, and not by allowing it to flow like water on a river. Just act right and reach for your goal, be good and be true. Faithfulness goes with the right path and live with your one life with GOD.

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