Who here has heard of Andres Bonifacio? The Philippines consider him a national hero. Maybe only a select few Filipinos here even know of his heroic legacy.


Andres Bonifacio was the oldest of his parents' six children, all of whom were born in Tondo, Manila to Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro. His mother (a mestiza of Spanish heritage) worked in a cigarette factory, while his father (a tailor) was a teniente mayor (municipal official) of Tondo.
He was orphaned in his late teens - his mother died of tuberculosis in 1881 and his father followed a year after.

But how Andres Bonifacio became Hero?

He helped to create and lead the Katipunan movement, which launched the Filipino Revolution and freed the Philippines from Spanish colonial authority. The Filipino people honor him as if he were a national hero. While he is not recognized by the government, some Filipino historians also believe Bonifacio to be the country's first president.

Andres Bonifacio's birthday on November 30 and celebrated as Andres Bonifacio Day, it is declared public holiday in the country.

Honestly! the reason behind this post was just because my grandmother birthday same with Andres Bonifacio, and I think my Grandmother name come's after Andres which is Andrea. Happy Birthday Nanay.
Image From: filipinojournal.com