Lulu Manesce has created another fantastic masterpiece called "My Boo," which is essentially a love letter to the person she loves the most. She wishes to share this love letter with you, so you too can be amazed by the depth of her affection.

My boo is kind and loving person. 
My boo is sweet and caring. 
My boo is thoughtful and supportive. 
My boo is my everything.

For me, my boo is the best gift of God has ever given me. He save the greatest thing on earth for me. A wonderful love that nothing or no one else can ever replace.

With my boo by my side, my life have never been this lovely. I experience how great to leave a life full of happiness and surprises, that you wish and hope it will last forever.

There are times we end up quarreling but still we finish it up kissing. Problems are not solve by fighting we both answer it up through laughing. Misunderstanding is one part of relationship but yet we don't entertain it. We always give chances to one another for us to grow and develop ourselves more.

We experience "Up's and down's" that's why we're strong. All we need is to trust each other and have faith that we will always be one.

I'll always bare in mind that my boo is just here by my side and it really makes me strong. It gives me the feeling of wanting to live longer and be with him (csseyah) forever. Forever he will be the one, the only one I will keep in my heart and in my life. My Boo!!

By Lulu Manesce