The trait of being hospitable is ingrained in every Filipino. We possess the ability to exhibit kindness and generosity towards others. However, the phrase "Good Leader!" holds weight when we evaluate if the individual truly embodies the qualities deserving of such praise.

Good Filipino Leader

Firstly, let me emphasize that in order for an individual to be deemed as a good leader, they must also possess good listening skills. It is imperative for all leaders to actively listen to their team members before making any decisions.

In actuality, a proficient Filipino leader prioritizes the act of listening and observing in every community situation before taking any decisive action.

Do you concur that not every leader necessarily requires a group or members to lead? While I understand and value your beliefs, I implore you to reciprocate the same respect for my own. In my opinion, true leadership is not always about asserting oneself and giving orders.

A competent leader ought to possess humility and patience in the face of criticism, even from those who may not believe in them or follow their directives.

As every Filipino, regardless of their nationality, has the potential to be a leader in their personal life, it is not necessary for all leaders to have a group or team of members. Prior to assuming the role of a capable leader on a national level, one must first cultivate the qualities of a proficient leader in their personal life.

To become a role model for others or for your team members, it is imperative to have self-belief and learn to embrace all aspects of oneself