Lulu Manesce's "Decline" is a masterpiece short story that you can read and possibly find relatable to certain situations or events portrayed in the narrative.


Its 8:25pm in the evening. At this time I should be sleeping, But I'm still here silently sitting at the reception chair, gazing for nothing.
Just wondering few years ago. I was playing from morning till down, though in pajamas I still flow
playing games with my sister's and bro.

But now, here I am waiting.. In this awful chair... snoring!!! can't even chat cause I'm working,
with this " without my will " job I'm in.

Before I thought I could be something, Something that is exciting and fascinating, But look here I am with nothing Just with this chair hoping for clients to come in.

I hate this Job I've been through I can't spill it out but its true That's why I'm still here playing cool
breaking inside.. smiling untrue.

By Lulu Manesce