I once one, a lonely ached person
when you met me, I am ruined.
Once embarrass, full of shame
Once hated and always to blame.

I once one, a heart vain woman
when I experience breaking up with a man
for lie promise me acclaim love of lies
which made me more hatred inside.

I once one, a beauty shining gem
so magnificent, so precious, so pure
but a gem I might be, I do fade
because of this invisible grease of heartaches.

Suddenly you came the time I quit
Loving anyone I no longer did
You beg for my love, that's hard to give
due to my past that I can't leave.

You said you'll wait till I'm through
letting my past to withdraw
So that I can open my heart on you
to live a life, happily with me.

You have love me unconditionally
so real, so fond, so true
Now my heart hold on to you
tell me, how can I live without you?

You have brought me joy and happiness
in everything you say and do
Now I say " I thank you"
cause, I ache no longer with you.

This lulu's poem brought me great point of view on how other feel when they are lost and no longer in possession or control to recovered.


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