A few hours from now we will see the champion on this race. US Presidential Election 2020 live updates is here. The race for the White House has been narrowed to be determined who will be the next US President elected for 2020 US Election.

Millions of US citizens already cast their votes to the two official US Presidential candidates in which still remain unclear who from Joseph Biden and Donald Trump will be the USA President.

According to CBS News report, "There have been some bright spots for Joe Biden amid the slew of Donald Trump victories. He appears likely to win in Arizona, which hasn't voted for a Democrat since 1996. His prospects could hinge on his performance in the so-called "blue wall" of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all of which were traditionally Democratic but voted for Mr. Trump in 2016."

The report also projected that the current US president win Ohio's 18 electoral votes, which he have 53.4 percent of votes counted  to 3,065,441 that delivered him a significant victory four year ago. He also won Florida, driven by higher support among Hispanic voters and his Republican base, and Texas, where Democrats had hoped to make inroads with an electorate that is increasingly diverse.

Who do you think will be the next US President for the 2020 US Election? It's either another 4 years of Donald Trump, or a fresh start under Joe Biden. Do you think Donald Trump will accept the final result if he loose from this election? or Joseph Biden will take another chance to run again for the next US election?

Find the full US election results here.

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