MANILA, Philippines — One of the country's media outlet ABS-CBN is facing another unfortunate event after their media frequency franchise was not renewed. Now! one of their social media online platform has been terminated. The company's YouTube  channel with more than 10 million subscribers is now investigating the said event.

According to ABS CBN statement on Nov 3, 2020, "We are aware of the problem of accessing ABS-CBN News channels on YouTube. We are currently investigating this and working closely with YouTube to resolve the problem. In the meantime, you can catch our livestreams and news reports on the TeleRadyo Channel. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

If you're going to search the said channel on YouTube, you'll no longer find the ABS CBN News YouTube channel. Some source says that the allegedly reason is because of the "violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service"

Some of the netizens shared their statement over the said issue, "We rely on ABS-CBN News on Youtube and other social media sites for weather reports, especially now that another Typhoon is approaching. And now they turned down the account. Okay Filipinos we are on our own now. Keep safe and let’s double our efforts to be informed in everything."

Last July, 70 congressman in the House of Representatives’ legislative franchises committee voted against granting ABS-CBN a new franchise.

The ABS CBN network has been off the air since early May after its television and radio operations nationwide were ordered shut following the expiration of its 25-year franchise.

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