It was just a few weeks ago when I subscribed to the CoinRunners Philippines ( Youtube channel, and now! they are going to celebrate their first monthsary with a bang, August 23, Thursday, with special guest straight from South Korea, Bitgosu CEO Mr. Ryu Dang. The YouTube channel has already have a thousands of subscribers in just 4 weeks!

That's why CoinRunners Philippines is the fastest growing Filipino Crypto Channel on Youtube. Not only that! the team is also growing from 6 talented and good looking people, they are now eight! Starting from Sir Nick Galan, Gail Jao, Kim Sia, Mrs. Bea, Paolo Viloria, Coach Wowie, Archangel and 'Risk Trader' Emerson Hernandez.

They're all good and intelligent specially when it comes to sharing of their knowledge and experience about cryptocurrency trading, mining, and news. Take note! this is TAX FREE, just kidding, the learning experience you'll get with them are all FREE, "Walang BAYAD".

CoinRunners Philippines was born just to give education to the Filipino people about the cryptocurrencies so that they will not to get scammed from all fraud business or company out there.

Sir Nick said, "Number one, my and our goals for this channel, I think fundamentally, and gusto naming mangyari is, makagawa tayo ng isang community para sa mga pinoy na cryptocurrency trader, investor, miner, user," on the very first live video stream.

And I agree with them specially to sir Nick because cryptocurrency is not just a piece of binary code inside the computer that will pass through to the internet and go to the blockchain and then nothing. Our technology evolves faster and it's hard to be left behind. It's very important to us to be learned even if we are now old.

Again, CoinrunnersPH are here and willing to give their time for free to let you become well-informed when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Don't waste this kind of opportunity.

As a matter of fact, they are very generous. Every Friday, they are giving an awesome giveaway to all of their YouTube subscribers. And because of their monthsary, CoinRunnersPH are giving away 3 exciting giveaway.

What are the giveaways?

The first giveaway that they gave was the latest Ledger Nano S, a hardware wallet that can store bitcoin and altcoins safely. The second is the awesome Trezor hardware wallet for bitcoin and some altcoins too. Then the third is 1 Monero, an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 that focuses on fungibility and decentralization, according to Wikipedia.

The fourth giveaway was 4TB HDD portable drive but it was not claim yet and hoping to re-draw it again. If it will be, then it's official that this week CoinRunners Philippines will be having a 3 awesome giveaways just for all loyal YouTube subscribers.

So what are you waiting for? scroll down this page and you'll see the links going to CoinRunnersPH social media accounts and start your life to be learned and informed about cryptocurrencies.

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This is not the last! more and more awesome giveaways will come from CoinRunnersPH just to give it free to all of the subscribers. Happy Crypto Trading!

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