After the President Rodrigo Duterte granted the wish of an 11-year-old Filipino boy in California of saying "Hello" to him. The boy replied greetings to President Duterte with a warm thank you video.

It was first time in the history of the Philippines where the President granted a letter of request of an 11-year-old boy as his social study project.

His mother Almyra Grace Custodio, who uploaded the request handwritten letter to her Facebook account. And many netizens shared the said post until it reached the wall of our President.

Now! Andre Esteban, the 11-year-old boy replied with a warm 'Thank You' video together with his classmates and teacher in the Fresno Adventist Academy in California.

"Thank you, President Duterte. Mabuhay!" they collectively yelled in a video posted by his mother, Almyra Grace Custodio, on Tuesday.

A few days later, Special Assistant to the President Secretary Christopher "Bong" Go posted on Facebook a 48-second video of Duterte granting the boy's request.

President Duterte said on his video,"I am sure that you will do [a] great report about our beloved country, the Philippines. Continue being a good son and study well and may God bless you and your family and all of us in this planet earth".

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