Few weeks ago Senator Antonio 'Sonny' Trillanes IV have been a talked all through out Social Media after he have been seen in US meeting with different personalities and US politicians.

‘Little Narco’ met with Sen. Marco - Trump

Some report circulating online that Senator Trillanes allegedly went there to stop US President Trump to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Today, the said report has been finally closed after President Trump himself allegedly deny meeting the Senator.

According to a source (reporter), before Trump boarded to Air Force I, they asked the latter's opinion regarding Sen. Trillanes visit in the USA. President Trump allegedly answered, “The little Narco met with Sen. Marco.

When asked his opinion regarding Sen. Trillanes stopping him from visiting the Philippines, the Pres. answered, “Senator who? Like I said senator who? The lil’ narco who met Marco? How’d he get a visa? isn’t he wanted, doesn’t he have an arrest warrant or something?

President Trump a typical businessman added, “I’m going to Manila to meet the main guy. A leaders’ leader, man’s man Rody, we talk from time to time, he’s the head of ASEAN right now and when you do deal you deal with the boss”.

If the allegation that Sen. Trillanes did went to the US just to stop President Donald Trump in visiting our country, it only means that the latter ignored the Senator big time.

And by calling a person Narco! it means that he/she has anything to do with an illegal drugs dealing since 'Narco,' is an informal word for a "Drug Lord." 

Meanwhile, Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr., director general for operations of the ASEAN 2017 National Organizing Council from Nov 12 to 13, President Trump will attend the Asean Summit Meeting but at the East Asia Summit on Nov 14, it will no longer be because of the conflict of schedule.

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Image From: Inquirer News | Chicago Tribune
Image Edited by: goodfilipino.com
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