First time in the history of the Philippines when the President granted a letter of request of the 11-year-old pinoy boy who was leaving in the California, USA. He would like to receive a simple message of "Hello" from President Rodrigo Duterte.

Pinoy boy Andre thanks Duterte for making video message for him

Andre Esteban, the 11-year-old boy who sent the handwritten letter request to the nation's leader asking to "say hello" to him, to his classmates and to his teacher in a school.

According to the news, the 6th Grade student of Fresno Adventist Academy, did not expect that the President would fulfill his favor for his "nationality report," about the Philippines.

Esteban is one of the Million supporters of the President and he admires his campaign against illegal drugs. He also said that he wishes to meet Duterte once he comes home to the Philippines.

He said, "I will show it (video) to my class in my nationality report...I like his drug campaign and I want my country to be drug free."

And according to the mother of the boy who had posted her son's letter on a Facebook page, Esteban was overwhelmed by the turn of events as the President Rodrigo "went above and beyond" for a supposed "very simple social study project".

Almyra Grace Custodio said, "Mahal na mahal niya ang Presidente kaya nakakatuwa po. Napaka-pinoy talaga ng anak ko na 'yan, sa puso at sa isip. Updated siya sa mga pangyayari sa Pilipinas".

Here is the 48-second video clip posted by Special Assistant to the President Secretary Christopher "Bong" Go.

President Duterte said, "Good day. I would like to say hello to Mrs. Richiutti and his students in Fresno Adventist Academy in California, USA, especially to you, Andre Esteban. Andre, I received your letter request, and I am most happy to oblige,"

"I am sure that you will do [a] great report about our beloved country, the Philippines. Continue being a good son and study well and may God bless you and your family and all of us in this planet earth," he added.

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