President Rodrigo Duterte will now sign a new telecommunications provider to level up the signal, service, and speed of the internet connection in the country. The good news came from the newly appointed spokesperson Harry Roque.

President Duterte allow entering 3rd player of Internet Providers in the Philippines

According to the appointed presidential spokesman Harry Roque yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte was aware that the telecommunications company like PLDT, SMART and GLOBE services are currently have no good services that's why we need other provider for more efficient internet connection to all Filipinos.

Sec. Roque himself was telling that he had been in an uproar with his service provider because he had difficulty getting the signal and if answered could not be understood or heard on the phone.

He said, "Alam n’yo ho gusto ko sanang tanggapin lahat ng calls ng media kaya lang palpak po ang ating mga telecoms company. Pag nasa bahay po ako talagang suwerte-swertehan kung makapasok ang tawag,"

"Mabuti na lang ang ating Presidente magpapapasok na ng pangatlong telecoms provider na hindi na tayo ganito ang buhay sa telepono," he added.

However, the Secretary does not specify which company will enter the country to become the third player in telecom provider for Filipinos.

Last week, President Duterte was visited to MalacaƱang by a Chinese business man Jack Ma whose business was in telecommunications and said the internet was slow in the Philippines.

Today, PLDT, Smart and Globe are the internet providers monopolies and almost all of their subscribers are complaining for their slow services.

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