I bet there is nobody who wouldn’t love to lose few extra pounds no matter how fit such person is, isn’t that so? The truth is, there is never a direct solution to losing extra pounds. So far, there seems to be lots of information flying all around about what you should and shouldn’t do. For instance, there are lots of diets that claim to work so well, yet there are no real, tangible results. If you’ve ever been in this condition, you should also know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to weight loss, isn’t that so?

There are lots of diets that claim to work so well, yet there are no real, tangible results. If you’ve ever been in this condition, you should also know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to weight loss

But this article is meant to show you 10 diets that are sure to help you lose weight

1. The Low Carb Diet
Despite popular belief that high fatty foods are the reason you are gaining weight, the truth is, foods that re high in fat are not the reason for your weight gain because your body needs the healthy fats to function properly or you energy will be severely depleted.

When you consume too much of carbs you put yourself at a high risk because too much carbohydrates is quite dangerous. What the low carb diet does is to help you reduce the number of simple carbs in your diet focusing instead on high protein foods

2. The 1500-Calorie Diet
Calorie shortage is the most common factor in all weight loss diets i.e., you need to burn more calories than the ones you consume - at least 1500 calories a day is recommended. Your attention should be on eating clean, wholesome foods containing high fiber content.

3. The Paleo Diet
The paleo diet is well known for its all natural diets which lay more emphasis on avoiding processed foods to natural foods. This means you have to choose from the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats, thus makes buying organic food a must.

4. The 3-Week Diet
Another diet plan that is very popular is the three-week diet plan. This diet plan takes relatively lesser time to help your weight loss strategy, losing approximately 12 - 20 pounds within the course of three-weeks is possible making it a welcome diet by diet planners.

In this case, avoiding junk foods is strictly advised to eating healthy foods, though your calorie intake might be restricted. This makes it easy to comply with by most people.

5. The GM Diet Plan
Another diet plan to help you lose weight quickly is the GM diet plan. This diet plan promises to help you lose some few pounds in just seven days. Amazing, isn’t it? The General Motor actually developed this diet plan in collaboration with the FDA. Purposely designed to increase the production value and improve to total wellness of its employees.

The diet plan includes a week of strict intake of vegetables, fruits and meat with brown rice which mostly results to losing about 10 - 15 pounds of fat! Not only do you lose some pounds, you also get a good digestion with increase in your energy level.

6. The Low Fat Diet
This diet plan is meant for obese people and those with high cholesterol. It focuses on reducing the body fat percentage to a limited calorie per day depending on the user’s age and activities. For example women over 60yrs are advised not to consume more than 60 grams of fat on an 1800 calorie diet.

7. The South Beach Diet
Arthur Agatston a cardiologist in his bestselling book "South Beach Diet" pinpoints on focusing more on modified low-carb diet, stressing the need to eat more of high protein and healthy fats. More so, the carbs is not restricted making it easy to follow and stick with.

8. The Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is effective in improving your heart health. It focuses on healthy eating of plant basedfruits, wholegrain, foods, legumes, and nuts; limiting the amount of unhealthy fats that goes into your body, it discourages eating red meat and limiting eating of white meat to at least twice a week. Like other diets, it also encourages putting an exercise plan in place.

9. The Raw Food Diet
AS the name implies, this diet plan only allows eating of raw fruits, vegetables and grains. The idea behind this diet plan is the fact that eating natural food contains the most nutrients while cooking destroys a lot of nutritional values found in these raw foods.

The diet is known to cure headaches and allergies; also it helps to boost your immunity, memory including helping you to fight diabetes. While this diet certainly does it job, it does take a high level of efforts to sustain it.

10. The Sugar Buster's Diet
This diet is a high fiber based diet. This diet entails only eating mostly fruits, vegetables and the right combination of protein and whole grains.
This means that eating high processed foods packed with sugar and fats has to be given up. The idea behind this diet is to reduce blood sugar spike by consuming foods with low glycemic index.

Of course there are more, but these are the 10 best diets that you can find to help you achieve your weight loss goals within a specific period of time. So get started right away!
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