The tough-talking president of the Philippines slams the U.S.A president due to the issue of human rights in the country. The President Duterte wants US President Barack Obama to listen to him on the Philippines’ drug problem.

President Duterte slams Obama over issues of human rights and drug problem

According to President Duterte, the African Americans are being killed by police in the US while Washington is criticizing his war on drugs. He reminded his American counterpart that he also has some mess to clean up in his backyard.

President Duterte said, "They are threatening me because Obama wants to talk to me. Then? He will talk to me. What’s your problem? In your place, black people are being shot even if they are already lying down."

The president also mentioned his critic Senator Leila de Lima by just comparing it to the US president. The two are keeps on raising the issue of human rights even if the Philippines is facing a serious drug problem.

"My number one critic keeps on yakking about human rights. Even Obama does. But we just learned that she has a series," the President said.

On the other hand, President Duterte and Obama are set to meet on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Laos on September 6.

According to Philstar, The US leader is expected to raise the human rights issue during the bilateral meeting.

Duterte said in a press conference, "He (Obama) can raise any topic at all. I am ready to talk to him,"

"They must understand the problem first before we talk about human rights," he added.

The US has expressed "deep concern" over the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign that has seen over 2,000 people killed so far.

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