Freelance writer Philip Lustre posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday (August 3) that he was collated some observations from his friends and acquaintances about the hot issue of 'Extrajudicial Killings' under Duterte's administration.

Freelance writer Philip Lustre shares observation about Extrajudicial Killings

Philip Lustre said that "Over 500 persons, allegedly drug pushers as claimed by police, have perished in what has been reported a spate of extrajudicial killings. Their murders show disturbing patterns that have strengthened the perception of extrajudicial killings."

Lustre added that he did not claiming any authorship of the views and perceptions that he was posted on his account.

"These observations are not mine. I've collated these observations from friends and acquaintances, with whom I had recent healthy conversations. Ergo, I do not claim authorship of these views and perceptions," he added.


1. On police claims they had to kill them because they engaged police in shootouts: If shootouts actually occurred to endanger the lives of police officers, why was that not one of the raiding police teams was hurt ? Why did nobody among them suffered injuries? Until now, not one police officer was reported to have suffered any gunshot wound or any injury.

2. On those weapons found in the possession of the suspects: It is the height of irony these weapons were mostly .38 caliber handguns. If they were indeed drug pushers or big time drug lords, they could easily procure high powered firearms in the black market. They had the means and they would not settle for less powerful .38 handguns. It is stupid to buy small handguns, when they could easily obtain high powered assault weapons.

3. On those reported shootouts with police: Why the lack of any full public disclosure by the national leadership and the police on those incidents of raids, arrests, and deaths of suspected drug pushers? Why was no full disclosure on the extent of the perceived national malaise, which is the illegal drug trafficking issue.

4. Basis of alleged drug pushing: Two or three sachets of illegal drugs like shabu were usually found in the murdered killed addicts/pushers. This somehow bolstered the perception that the victims were either small drutg pushers, or that the police merely planted those sachets of shabu.

5. On those suspected drug pushers: Why are they are mostly poor and marginal? Where are the big guys, the fat cats, the big fishes in illegal drug trade?

There are many other observations. For the moment, these are the main observations.

Philip Jr Lustre

On the other hand, Philip Lustre was the one who posted on Facebook about Duterte's throat cancer which have been denied by Duterte's former spokesperson Peter LaviƱa.

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