The professor of De La Salle University posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday (August 3) that he was disagree with the President Rodrigo Duterte in proposing the scrapping of the partylist system.

DLSU prof disagree to President Duterte on scrapping of the 'party-list' system

Prof. Antonio Contreras frankly said that he doesn't want to remove the 'party-list' system but instead he will support the revised and strengthened system for the partylist.

He give these points/features that could make the partylist system more functional for the nation.

1. The sectors should be limited to 8 marginalized groups. These include: indigenous peoples, rural poor, urban poor, women, LGBT, people with disabilities, youth and the elderly. There will be separate contests for each sector but a voter can vote in only one sector.

2. Each sector will be given 5 seats.

3. A partylist can run in any or all of the sectors. Thus, Bayan Muna can run in all the 8 sectors.

4. A party competing for the partylist elections should not compete in the elections for district representatives. It should also not have an ethno-linguistic character (i.e. An Waray, Ako Bicol). It can have an occupational focus like a worker's party, or a party of fisherfolks, or OFWs. It could also have an agenda focus like an environmental party.

5. We should do away with proportional representation. In this proposal, there will be 40 partylist representatives (5 for each of the 8 sectors). A partylist can have from 1 to 8 members depending on which sectoral contest it will participate and win.

6. And most important, the nominee of the partylist to the sector SHOULD BE A BONA FIDE MEMBER OF THAT SECTOR.

Then he added this statement, "Thus, a worker's party's nominee to the LGBT sector should also be an LGBT worker, and an environmental party's nominee to the urban poor sector must be an urban poor who is known to have a track record in environmental advocacy."

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What do you think about this suggestions made by Prof. Contreras? Please took the comment box below and share your thoughts.

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