The leader of the popular sexy girl group performers in the country sent her sentiments against the former secretary of the Department of Justice and now senator-elect Leila De Lima. Mocha Uson posted the video interview of the senator to her Facebook wall and now its going viral.

Mocha Uson to Senator De Lima: 'YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF CHANGE!'

Mocha Uson posted her viral thoughts with a title of 'DE LIMA RESIGN!!'

She want to immediately resign the controversial senator who used to be an DOJ secretary in the Aquilino administration. Mocha pointed out that the statement of the Solicitor General Jose Calida is true and correct.

Citing Calida statement for De Lima, "There is no need for investigation in aid of legislation kuno (supposedly). Secretary de Lima, who was Secretary of Justice for 6 years… what happened during her tenure? Lalong lumakas ang proliferation of droga (Drugs proliferated more) even in her own turf, at the national penitentiary," Calida said.

Then here what Mocha statement for the senator, "Tama ang sinabi ni SOLGEN CALIDA - 6 na taon kang namuno sa DOJ, may kapangyarihan kang sugpuin ang DROGA noong panahon mo pero HINDI MO GINAWA. At sa katunayan lalong lumala ang kalakaran ng droga noong panahon mo."


" You should RESIGN!! Sa totoo lang ni hindi nga namin alam kung paano ka nanalo bilang senador. Tama nga ang sabi ng isang kaibigan kong DDS - it's 16 Million vs DE LIMA!"

Watch De Lima interview on Aksyon TV5

Watch Senator-elect Leila De Lima interview on Aksyon TV5 -
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