The former host of the CNN Philippines 'AGENDA' and a newspaper columnist has strong sentiments about the 'CONASS' or the Constituent Assembly of the Philippines. Ms. Malou Tiquia did not agree on the amendment or revision of the Constitution without the process she's talking to.

Filipina columnist to Duterte admin: 'No to CONASS for revision of the Constitution'

Filipinas columnist said on her Facebook post today, July 29, 2016, "No to CONASS for the amendment or revision of the Constitution"

"I do not agree that we jump immediately to the said process. We need to pass political reforms first, from political party development, campaign finance, anti-political dynasties to overhauling the COMELEC to ensure the mandate of the people are respected and no syndicate could tamper with the results or program the results. There has been no political reform in the past 6 years," Tiquia said.

According to Wikipedia, the "Constituent Assembly (which popularly known as 'Con-Ass') is composed of all members of the bicameral Philippine Congress (Senate and the House of Representatives). It is convened by Congress to propose amendments to the 1987 constitution. Under Article XVII of the Constitution of the Philippines, amendments pass upon a vote of three-fourths of all members of Congress, but it is not clear if the Congress should vote as a single body or as separate houses. The convention of Congress into a Constituent Assembly is not explicitly provided for in the Constitution."

Malou Tiquia strongly said that "We cannot export our sordid political process to a federated state. It will mean nothing!"

She explained further the said issue and said that "Federalism will just be tokenism if there is no political reform. The 17th Congress cannot be trusted to legislate against its own. The so-called 6-7 Billion tag to pursue a CONCON is not prohibitive if you just look at the waste done with PDAF and DAP. Besides, reforms are not cheap, most especially re-writing a constitution."

At the bottom of her sentiments over the issue, she said, "This is a litmus test for the Duterte Administration. Walk your talk and please no false hopes."

On the other hand, the leaders of Congress have decided to transform the legislative body from the constitutional convention (ConCon) into a constituent assembly (ConAss).

Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez said, "It was agreed that Congress will simply form a constitutional assembly to revise the Constitution. There is nothing to worry about because consultations with the people will be ensured."

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